SAS – Statistical Analysis System

SAS Training Institute In Chennai

SAS Training Institute In Chennai

Carvinc Technologies is one of the best SAS training institutes in Chennai. Our SAS courses are very flexible and can be attended when it suits you most. Today SAS has evolved to become a ubiquitous Business Intelligence (BI) tool which is used for Data analysis, reporting, predictive modelling, data mining, econometric and time series analysis. SAS provides a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users and more advanced options through the SAS programming language.

We will starts off the SAS course with a brief introduction to Analytics, statistical concepts pertaining to Data Analytics, and a few basic concepts of SAS programming. It then goes on to cover in-depth content for PROC SQL, SAS macros, and various statistical procedures. The course also covers advanced statistics and optimization models. All these concepts will be trained to you in an easy way to understand manner, using actual coding examples and demos to clarify the concepts and present the actual method of implementation.

About the course

In SAS training course you will learn on:

  •   How SAS language will helps
  •   How it is being effectively used in reporting
  •   Reshaping date from wide to long & long to wide
  •  How to indicate/handle missing data in your raw data files
  •  Explain the different methods used to combine and modify datasets
  •  How it is used to retrieve data from single and multiple tables.
  •  Describe how to use macro function to manipulate the character strings and text.
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SAS Training Modules:

Module 1 – Base SAS

Data structure
  •   SAS interface and library structure and definition
  •   Data lines and importing and exporting datasets
  •   Infiles statement - reading raw data
  •   Formats and Informats
  •  Variable attributes and data modification using Data and Set statements
Data Management
  •   Appending and Merging datasets
  •   SAS Functions for data manipulation
  •   Loops and Arrays in SAS

Module 2 – Advanced SAS

  •   Introduction to SQL - basic DBMS and RDBMS concepts
  •   Using SQL Procedures in SAS
  •  Data manipulation using Proc SQL
SAS Macros
  •   Introduction to Macros
  •   Local and Global declarations
  •   Using built-in macro procedures and functions
Report Generation
  •  Basic Proc steps
  •   Proc Format,Report,Tabulate
  •   Proc steps for basic statistics
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