Pega Training Institute In Chennai

Pega Training Institute In Chennai

Carvinc Technologies provides the most excellent pega Training institutes in Chennai.Pega training is provided by industry top most qualified persons.

The pega training course from Carvinc is planned to enhance your acquaintance and skills to become the most successful pega developer.The pega training course from Carvinc is planned to enhance your acquaintance and skills to become the most successful pega developer.

Knowledge in detail about the core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied business use-cases.

Pega is a tool which is mainly used for business process management. In order to reduce software coding pega is widely used in business environment. Business prospects and challenges are quickly responded by pega. Pega used to build application and act on integrated development environment (IDE), it is easy to develop and run on JDK tool kit. Pega is otherwise known as pega rule process commander (PRPC).with the pega training course you can easily acquires the expertise they want.

In our training center they provide both online and regular classes, which covers the same syllabus and the students has the flexibility to select the option what they want. The trainer teaches programming application and demonstration in a step by step manner, so that you can develop your own application by what you learn. Sign in for your course today and taste pega knowledge by your own hand.

We provide free pega training materials of soft copy and hard copy. Our pega training courses helps to students to get placement instantly after course completion. pega Training In Chennai, Carvinc provide regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes, and fast track training classes for pega.

About the Pega course

In PEGA training course you will learn on:

  •   Pega is a tool for managing business process management, decision and process management
  •   Integrated development environment (IDE) to build application.
  •   Used to reduce software coding.
  •   Easy to develop and run on JDK tool kit.
  •   Robust and scalable application.
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Significant Features of PEGA

  • User Interface
  • Business logic
  • Data Storage
  • Integration
  • Reports
  • Process management
  • Reusability
  • security

PEGA Training Syllabus

Pega Introduction:
  • Installation
  • Pega overview
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Pega PRPC
  • Page RULES database
  • Class
  • Object method
  • Ruleset
Pega Fundamentals:
  • End to end BPM
  • Design review
  • Usability review
  • Transition readiness
  • Performance check-up
  • BPM methodology
  • Pega process management
  • Class structure
  • Operators rules
Class structure in PEGA:
  • Classes in PEGA/PRPC
  • Abstract class
  • Concrete class
  • Pattern inheritance
  • Directed inheritance
  • PRPC base product layer
  • Implementation layer
  • Framework layer
SIX ‘Rs in PEGA:
  • Receiving
  • Routing
  • Reporting
  • Responding
  • Researching
  • Resolving
Object Methods In Pega:
  • Obj-Delete Method
  • Obj-Delete-By-Handle Method
  • -Filter Method
  • Obj-ListView Method
  • Obj-Open Method
  • Obj-Open-By-Handle method
  • Obj-Validate Method
  • Obj-Sort Method
  • Obj-Save Method
  • Obj-Save-Cancel Method
Work type and work item in Pega
  • Business rules in PEGA
  • Decision tree
  • Decision table
  • Map value
  • When
Operators roles in Pega
  • Workusers
  • WorkManagers
  • BusinessAnalyst
  • SystemArchitects
  • ProjectManagers
  • SystemAdministrators
  • Executive Sponsors

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