HTML Training Institute In Velachery, Chennai

HTML Training Institute In Chennai

Carvinc Technologies is one of the best HTML training Institutes in Chennai .We train you HTML as a part of Web Designing and development.our syllabus has been carved to meet real time Industry requirements. once you are trained in HTMLyou can do any designs in web.


HTML, or HypertextMarkupLanguage, is used by web programmers to describe the contents of a web page. It is not a programming language.You simply use HTML to indicate what a certain chunk of text is-such as a paragraph, a heading or specially formatted text. HTML uses a pre-defined set of elements to define content types. Elements contain one or more "tags" that contain or express content. Tags are enclosed by angle brackets, and the closing tag begins with a forward slash.

HTML Overview

Introduction to HTML
  •   Basic Tags
  •   Elements
  •   Attributes
  •   Formatting
  •   Phrase Tags
  •   Meta Tags
  •   Fonts
  •   Styles
  •   Links
  •   Images

  •   Computer Code
  •   Tables
  •   Quotation
  •   Comments
  •   Colors
  •   Lists
  •   Blocks
  •   Classes
  •   Layouts
  •   Responsive
  •   Forms
  •   Form Elements
  •   Input Types
  •   Input Attributes
Introduction to HTML5
  •   HTML5 Introduction
  •   HTML5 Browser Support
  •   HTML5 New Elements
  •   HTML5 Semantics
  •   HTML5 Migration
  •   HTML5 Style Guide
  •   Canvas
  •   SVG
  •   Geolocation
  •   Drag ans Drop
  •   Local Storage
  •   App Cache
  •   Web Workers
  •   SSE
HTML Media
  •   Media
  •   Video
  •   Audio
  •   Plugins
  •   You tube

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