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BIGdata Hadoop Training Institute In Chennai

About The Course

The Big Data and Hadoop training course from Carvinc is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop developer. In-depth knowledge of core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied industry use-cases.This course covers important Hadoop concepts like MapReduce, Yarn, Pig, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop.

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Training course Content

Introduction to Big Data

  •   What is Big data
  •  Big Data opportunities
  •   Big Data Challenges
  •   Characteristics of Big data
  •   HBase Installation
  •   HBase concepts
  •   RDBMS and NOSQL.
  •   Master & Region Servers.
  •   DDL and DML.
  •   Catalog Tables.
  •  Block Cache and sharding.
  •   SPLITS
  •   DATA Modeling.
Introduction to Hadoop
  •   Hadoop Distributed File System
  •  Comparing Hadoop & SQL.
  •   Industries using Hadoop.
  •   Data Locality.
  •   Hadoop Architecture.
  •   Map Reduce & HDFS.
  •   Hadoop single node image (Clone).

  •   Design & Concepts
  •   Blocks, Name and Data nodes
  •   High-Availability Federation.
  •   File System Operations
  •   File Read
  •   File Write
  •   Block Placement Policy
  •   Configuration files
  •   Metadata, FS image, Edit log
Map Reduce
  •   Functional Programming Basics.
  •   Map and Reduce Basics
  •   How Map Reduce Works
  •   Anatomy of a Map Reduce Job Run
  •   Legacy Architecture
  •   Job Completion, Failures
  •   Shuffling and Sorting
  •   Splits, Record reader, Partition
  •   Optimization Techniques
  •   Types of Schedulers and Counters.
  •   Old and New API at code and Architecture Level.
Map/Reduce–Java Programming
  •   Hands on “Word Count” in Map
  •   Sorting files using Hadoop Configuration API
  •  Emulating “grep”
  •   DBInput Format
  •   Job Dependency API discussion
  •  Input Format API discussion
  •   Input Split API discussion
  •   Custom Data type creation in Hadoop
  •  ACID in RDBMS and BASE in NoSQL
  •   CAP Theorem and Types of Consistency
  •   Types of NoSQL Databases in detail
  •   TTL, Bloom Filters and Compensation
  •   Introduction and Architecture.
  •   Meta store
  •   Hive QL
  •   OLTP vs. OLAP
  •   Working with Tables.
  •   Primitive and complex data types.
  •   Working with Partitions.
  •   User Defined Functions
  •   Hive Bucketed Tables and Sampling.
  •   Dynamic Partition
  •   Bucketing and Sorted Bucketing.
  •   RC File
  •   INDEXES and VIEWS.
  •   Hive tables and Migrating Hive tables.
  •   How to enable Update in HIVE.
  •   Log Analysis on Hive.
  •   Access HBASE tables using Hive.
  •   Hands on Exercises
  •   Installation
  •   Execution Types
  •   Grunt Shell
  •   Pig Latin
  •   Data Processing
  •  Schema on read
  •   Primitive data types and complex data types.
  •   Tuple schema, BAG Schema and MAP Schema.
  •   Loading and Storing
  •   Filtering
  •   Grouping & Joining
  •   Debugging commands (Illustrate and Explain).
  •   Validations in PIG.
  •   Type casting in PIG.
  •   Access HBASE using PIG.
  •   Load and Write JSON DATA.
  •   Piggy Bank.
  •   Hands on Exercises
  •   Installation
  •   Import Data
  •   Incremental Import
  •   Free Form Query Import
  •   Export data to RDBMS,HIVE and HBASE
  •   Hands on Exercises.
  •   Installation
  •   Introduction to Flume
  •   Sources, Channels and Sinks
  •   HDFS LOG4J and Avro Source
  •   HDFS Tail Source
  •   HBASE LOG4J and Avro Source
  •   HBASE Tail Source
  •   Flume Commands
  •   Use case of Flume
  •   Sqoop Job, Hive, MR and PIG.
  •   Real world Usage
  •  Zoo Keeper
  •  Integration with HIVE and PIG.
  •   Phoenix
  •   Proof of concept
  •   Overview
  •   Linking with Spark
  •   Initializing Spark
  •   Using the Shell
  •   Resilient Distributed Datasets
  •   Parallelized Collections
  •   External Datasets
  •   RDD Operations
  •   Working with Key-Value Pairs

  •   Transformations and Actions
  •  RDD Persistence
  •   Removing Data
  •   Shared Variables
  •   Broadcast Variables
  •   Accumulators
  •   Deploying to a Cluster
  •   Unit Testing
  •   Migrating pre-1.0 Versions

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