CMS Training Institute In Chennai

CMS Training Institute In Chennai

Carvinc Technologiesprovides you the best CMS (Content Management System)training.We train you CMS as a part of Web Designing and development.Our syllabus has been carved to meet real time Industry requirements.We will provide all CMS based application training to build your own website.


The system will allow you to "build" your website, using a wide selection of different plugins and ad on's available for the various systems. Content management systems can be thought of as being a large box of lego bricks - You can then choose what specific bricks you want to build your website from. Another way of explaining what a CM system is, is to look at it as a regular text editing software like word, where you can write text and insert pictures directly from a standard control panel. Consequently you will not need any technical programming skills to create and manage a website.


Wordpress is one of the most popular content management / blog systems on the market right now. Wordpress is a straight forward and easy to use system, supporting both personal blogs or even fully functional websites.

Plugins for Wordpress are plenty, making it possible to build both large and complicated websites.Wordpress is however know for being a blog system, and therefore it do not perform as well on the website part, as the systems mentioned below.

WordPress For Beginners
  •  Introduction to Blogging
  •   Wrapping Text Around Images
  •  Comments in WordPress
  •  Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories
  •   WordPress Feeds
  •   Customizing Feeds
  •  How to Use Gravatars in WordPress
  •  Writing Code in Your Posts
  •   Using Password Protection
Designing Wordress Site
  •  Developing a Colour Scheme
  •   Designing Headers
  •  Dynamic Menu Highlighting
  •  Styling for Print
  •   Designing Your Post Meta Data Section
  •   Formatting Date and Time
  •  Designing Headings
  •  Using Images
  •  Fun Character Entities
  •  Comprehensive list of design articles
  •  Adding a Favicon
Theme Development
  •  Finding Your CSS Styles
  •   Uploading Files
  •  WordPress Blog Design and Layout
  •  Stepping Into Template Tags
  •   The Loop in Action
  •   Validating a Website
  •  WordPress Site Maintenance
  •  Meta Tags in WordPress
  •  Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
  •  Accessibility
  •  The Loop in Action
  •  Finding Server Info
  •  WordPress Housekeeping


Drupal is an incredibly powerfully and all round system. It is build using modules, which can easily be adapted for all your personal needs. There are also a wide selection of plugins and adons available for Drupal.

Drupal will take a bit longer to master, compared to other content management systems. For that reason, it is not the best choice for website developers and bloggers looking for a quick and easy solution.

Drupal For Beginners
  •   Module weighting and selection process
  •   Modules
  •  Themes
  •   Nodes
  •   Blocks
  •   Bootstrap
  •  Hooks and callbacks
Layout In Drupal
  •  Blocks And Regions
  •  Add New Menu and manage it
  •  Add Content Type and manage it
  •  Add Seo friendly URL
  •  File System
  •   Upload Path Module
  •  Storing User Uploaded Materials
  •  Adding Content Types
  •  Working With Texonomy
  •  Creating a view with the views user interface
Advanced Drupal
  •  Input Filter
  •  Create Custum Content Typest
  •  Storing User Uploaded Materials
  •  View Type
  •  Displays
  •   Uber Cart
  •  Add categories/products in ubercart
  •  Customize Ubercart theme
  •  Payment gateway drupal


Joomla is a very popular CMS / content management system. It is an open source system, which means that you don't need to pay anything to use it. If you a willing to pay a little money, then there are a plenty of professional themes and plugins available for purchase. Joomla can be used to build a wide range of different website types. Especially static websites including blog features, polls, news feeds and search functions are very easy to manage and implement in Joomla.

The system is "ready to use", and you don't need to be an IT-Expert to get it to work.

  •  Installing Wamp Server
  •  Installing Joomla on local server
  •  Installing Joomla on web serve
  •  Joomla Global Configuration
  •  Article Manager
  •  Archive Manager
  •  Installing a New Module
  •  Installing a New Template
  •  Installing a New Plugin
  •  Installing a New Component
  •  Understanding the concept of Joomla Positions
  •  Changing the layout structure
  •  Basic Joomla Template
  •  Building Custom Joomla Template
  •  Linking CSS Javascript
  •  Displaying content in XHTML
  •   Template installation package
  •  Creating Custom Forms
  •  Form appearance using CSS


Magento is an open source E-commerce software, created by Varien Inc., which is useful for online business. It has a flexible modular architecture and is scalable with many control options that is helpful for users. Magento uses E-commerce platform which offers organizations ultimate E-commerce solutions and extensive support network.

E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a type of business that involves the commercial transaction or purchasing or selling of goods and services through electronic channels known as internet.

  •  Install Magento on server and local computer
  •  Install theme and customize it
  •  Admin / Dashboard panel knowledge and working
  •  Learn to convert PSD into Magento
  •  Clear idea and working with your own design.
  •  customize home page including sidebars and menu.
  •  Install modules and modify
  •  Create users and provide various permissions
  •  Develop your own custom Module
  •  Work on real time Magento projects
  •  Adding, changing and deleting a page
  •  Uploading Product and manage it
  •  Making a back-up of your site

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