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DevOps Training Institute In Chennai

DevOps (Development and Operations) is used to merge the software development and software operations. In DevOps Development is collaborated with Operation and Quality assurance. Before this the development team and operation team working separately. So the time to complete the work is extended. Open source tools are readily available for this. It has the goals like Time to Market, Continuous delivery without Excuse, Reduce risk and Improve deployment frequency, Time efficiency and etc. DevOps area has a lot of growth potential in future. It is great because you are always working with and integrating new technologies and deal with new challenges.

There are several DevOps tools such as Git, Jenkins, Puppet, and Docker etc. The stages are Development, Testing, Integration and Monitoring. It is an emerging skills in IT Industry, so the IT professionals like Developer, Tester and admins are very interested to take Devops training. They should have the soft skills of problem solving and quick learning. Now-a-days this profile has high demand.

Devops Training in Chennai

Carvinc technologies provides detail and complete DevOps training with tools. Also we offer flexible time schedule for classes based on student requirements. Our training is full of practical and also helps to get a job for fresher and experienced Professional in Chennai. You can access our lab facilities whenever you want till you get job.

Consequence of DevOps Training in Our Institute

Do you want to achieve expertise in IT sector you can learn DevOps because developers are highly paid in IT. Compared with normal IT professionals DevOps developers paid more. Currently DevOps is a emerging trend technologies in nowadays. So you will become a DT expert after being certified in our institute.

Why Learn Best DevOps Training in Carvinc Technologies, Chennai

Our trainers who are working in MNCs with train you in DevOps with exceptional quality. We have predominant syllabus for the Best DevOps Training which made by the committed team. We are emphasized to provide excellent environment to learn and for real time programming experience. We assure the scholar will acquire depth real time technical concepts of each and every topic of DevOps programming modules.


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Training Course Syllabus

Linux Fundamentals

Installation and Initialization:
  •  Installation, Package Selection
  •  Anatomy of a Kick start File, Command line
  •  Introduction to Bash Shell
  •  System Initialization, Starting the Boot Process: GRUB.
Boot and Package Management:
  •  Configuring services to run at boot,
  •  Securing single-user mode (su login),
  •  Shutting down and rebooting the system,
  •  RPM Package Manager, Installing and Removing Software, Updating a Kernel RPM,
  •  Yum Command set, Install packages by using yum.
  •  Apt-get command set, Apt-cache package management
User Administration:
  •   Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
  •  Creation of users in different groups
  •  Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  •  Understanding passwd aging
  •  Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  •  Understanding users security files
  •  The different commands for Monitoring the users
  •  Automation of jobs – Cron , at

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